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Network Traffic Management

Alumnus has over 600 person-years’ experience in networking software development for technology leaders. Software developed by us runs in many residential gateways and middleboxes. 

Alumnus has developed software for different types of middleboxes, like webcaches, videocaches, data traffic management, porting these middleboxes into the cloud/edge, etc. 

For example, in webcaches and videocaches, latency optimization and reduction of artifacts despite bandwidth fluctuations were achieved through hierarchical caching and buffering. 

In data traffic management, we monitored, optimised and accelerated WAN data traffic through a set of middleboxes using techniques like DPI, traffic shaping, compression and real-time dynamic path selection. To handle encrypted WAN traffic, security expertise in SSL/TLS stacks, library versions for them led to adapt accelerated encryption libraries. To improve the throughput significantly while not overloading the CPU or consuming too much power, software was developed to offload SSL proxy functionality to crypto engines in hardware. 

We ported the above middleboxes to the cloud/edge platforms. The orchestrator for these middleboxes were upgraded to include these virtual appliances across virtualized and software-defined networks (SD-WAN). 

Alumnus has developed toolsets to test L2/L3/L4 network protocol for conformance, performance and functionality which later led to creation of automated test frameworks for network devices. 

Alumnus has also developed Network management Systems using protocols like SNMP, CWMP (TR69, TR181) etc. 

Case Studies