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Traffic shaping for encrypted traffic 

With the growth of encrypted data traffic, the efficiencies of traditional WAN optimization solutions have reduced. A client needed enhanced network traffic optimisation to increase the performance of their WAN Acceleration technology. 

Alumnus designed, developed, tested and deployed a solution to solve the problem. A TLS Proxy was implemented and integrated with the existing solution to enhance performance of the WAN optimization on encrypted data. Alumnus’s solution continues to enable support for latest TLS versions and to encryption-decryption algorithms. The solution has provided significant improvement in performance of WAN optimization on encrypted data and is now used by customers worldwide for accelerating TLS data traffic. 

Alumnus continues to maintain this traffic shaper by adding support of stronger ciphers, newer TLS versions and porting the applications to newer TLS library versions. 

Technology Stack:

DPI, Linux, Kernel, C, OpenSSL, TLS

Accelerating TLS data traffic by optimising encrypted data

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