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Ensure industry-readiness of network devices with automated testing

To ensure better Industry-readiness of an industry leader’s networking equipment, Alumnus created and deployed a custom toolset to automate the regression testing process. Tens of thousands of tests covering functional scenarios, non-functional, conformance and performance testing were automated to allow 24-hour test execution with real-time monitoring.

For example, network protocol conformance and performance testing included unicast and multicast routing, wireless/ wireline/ internet performance within NAT and firewall constraints. It was also conducted within acceptable limits of CPU/Memory usage as well as power consumption. Firewall and security included secure-boot, VLAN, Virtual Bridge and microservices isolation, QoS for IMIX traffic, QoE of Media Streaming (unicast and multicast), QoE of VoIP calls​, WAN optimization, Vulnerability Assessment and more. 

Design and build cycle were reduced by clustering the scenarios and faults and determining the commonalities/ specificities between them. The reporting system, apart from being detailed for each step and module accelerated root-cause analyses/ debugging/ bug-fixing. A low-code interface was also provided to developers/ QA team to quickly accommodate tests into this automation framework for newer features or feature upgrades. 

Technology Stack:

Eclipse, Notepad++, VS 2010, FFmpeg, Iperf, Dialogic, DSLAM, Wireshark, Java, PHP, TCL, C#, IGMP, MLD, SIP, PPPoE, DHCP, xDSL, Telnet, SSH

Ensure industry-readiness of networked devices with automated testing

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