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Who We Are

We are a company of engineers who put engineering above everything else. And we like being in the company of engineers. That is the way it goes about Us.

We build software, frequently solving bespoke problems.

We are proud of the quality and performance our solutions achieve. We grow every year but choose to remain manageable in size. That is important to ensure we get all that we demand from our colleagues.

We know our future lies in building the next generation of capabilities which come when ’things’ talk to each other, especially in the context of Internet of Things.

The one question which we always ask: what makes engineering more efficient?

Besides our indulgence with engineering, we appreciate goodness of character and generosity of the heart. Our company is what we all are and we are in good company.

With a client list such as ours, motivation to work a bit harder and to be a bit different is not difficult to find.