Doing Business With Us

Alumnus works with Global Clientele across various business domains.


Every day more of our daily life gets integrated into the digital world. Communication, entertainment, banking, law, manufacturing, automobiles and many more facets of our life have entered the digital sphere and more elements are being added each day.

“The world takes it for granted. But at Alumnus we make it happen. We are engineers and innovators and we enable this electronic transformation.”

Alumnus Software is a customer focused, engineering driven company. We are devoted to finding solutions to the problems of the ever connected world of people and devices. We do this through our thorough understanding of engineering principles and by paying attention to our customers’ needs. We are able to do it better and our solutions are more elegant due to the fact that we have worked on the entire spectrum from hardware device to consumer data.

Embedded Systems & Networking

Alumnus provides solutions in embedded systems and networking, working across a range of Application Processors and SOCs, devices and protocols, for Home and Industrial Networks, Media, Energy and Automotive industries.


Full-cycle embedded systems development, including system-level apps, driver, firmware and middleware development, performance optimization services, and debugging and failure analysis etc.

IOT solutions

Indoor positioning system, Region monitoring, Navigation, Proximity, Hyper-local marketing, Smart Systems etc.


Network Protocol Test and Measurement Tools, WAN Optimization, Web and Multimedia Content Distribution & Delivery and Network Management Systems etc.

Business Applications / Mobility / Cloud

Alumnus specializes in providing the entire range of services pertaining to the Application development including Business workflow automations, Client server applications, Web portals, Mobile apps, Desktop apps and many more. We design, implement and handle complex Business challenges to ensure Efficiency and Reliability. Most of our solutions are cloud based, enabling agility, scalability and shortening time-to-market.

Analytics and Big Data

Devices connected to the Internet are everywhere and more are being added every day. The Internet of Things is here and it generates terabytes of data. Making these devices work and extracting insight from the data they generate through Analytics and Big Data is our specialty.


Data Scraping, Social Media Analytics, Legal Document Analysis, Stock Market Data Analytics, News Clustering and Summarization, Medical Case History Analysis, Real time Telecom data Analytics, Real time Sensor Data Analysis, Streaming Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Analytics for eCommerce, AI based Form Processing, Enterprise Data to Big Data Migration, Big Data Analytics


We serve businesses of every size from well-funded technology start-ups to industry leaders round the globe. Amongst our clients are chipset manufacturers, telecom and data networking businesses, retail and manufacturing companies, standards organizations, academic and financial institutions and many more.The business domains where our solutions have been deployed include Telecom sector, Manufacturing, Legal, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences and others.

Founded in 2000
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