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Giving Back

‘In a gentle way you can shake the world’ . – Mahatma Gandhi.

Our world extends beyond a company and we do whatever we can to help shake the world around us. We realised early on that the means are easy to find if we learn to discover the meaning of it all. CSR laws in India do not yet apply to us. Our actions are voluntary and done for fulfilment.

Research and Grants

We sponsored for five years, Research in Computational Biology, under Prof. Parimal Pal Chowdhury, helping build a body of knowledge today available to the world. We paid researchers, provided infrastructure, picked up the cost of travel to conferences and facilities necessary to conduct focussed research.

We support education for those who may need the resources. That may be college fees, book grants or even international travel grants for professor recommended students whose papers are selected at prestigious conferences.


Skills like Networking and Embedded software are always in need but market-ready students are rare to find. We devised a ‘summer camp’ for chosen students in the final year of their course providing them a thorough training session. We even assessed them. We are proud that the first group of market-ready students are now in the industry, some in Alumnus. The initiative will continue.


Manoranjan Byapari is a writer of distinction. He was going through a challenging time professionally, financially and suffering from ill health.

We took him in as Writer In Residence on a regular monthly scholarship. When Mr. Byapari finally left the position, he had completed more than one book, had both his knees replaced, had won a prestigious National Prize (Interrogating my Chandal life: An autobiography of a Dalit), signed a contract with a famous publisher and was nationally recognised. Today the Government calls on him for his services. We hope to discover more talent in the area of liberal arts.


Adventure as a profession stays in the backwaters in our country. We salute the spirit of adventure by sponsoring activities which serve the purpose of enhancing our knowledge. One such activity was sponsoring a retracing the route taken by the Indian National Army led by Subhas Chandra Bose in their quest for the independence of India, a fact which is known but the details forgotten. We carry in our archives now invaluable conversations with people who actually saw that remarkable history happening. We will keep our intention to seek out knowledge not found in books. 2020 and 2021 are the years we celebrate Anindya Mukherjee as our Person of the Year for all that he has done and continues to do.


When disaster strikes, a flood or a cyclone leaving severe natural and human destruction behind, there is very little individuals can do. But a typical Alumnus employee tries to reach out nevertheless, with financial help and at times with non-cash assists that can make a difference. We do not demand this of them but we are proud that many of us do extend help to those who need it, when they need it. By being socially responsible, we enable the company to be socially responsible too.

It is not a very distant memory that cyclone Amphan ravaged lives and livelihoods in the Sundarbans area of Bengal. We reached out, as we had reached out to those affected by the 2013 Himalayan Tsunami in the Uttarakhand region of India.