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Embedded Software Development

Alumnus has more than 500 person-years’ experience in developing embedded software that make Things work, enhance their functionality and enable information interchange.

Much of Alumnus’ work goes into embedded software for chipsets used in wired and wireless connectivity and telecom equipment. We have developed kernel components, firmware, BSP (Board Support Package), middleware and device drivers, often on multi-core multi-OS architectures, for manufacturers across a diverse range of semiconductors. Sectors like automotive, robotics and heavy machinery also get impacted from our work.

Alumnus provided solutions for network devices like industrial and home routers, access points and gateways, using open-source SDKs like OpenWRT, RDK-B, DD-WRT, Tomato, prplOS, etc. One such example is an OpenWRT-based custom SDK to expedite the code porting process which included protocol level firmware, kernel modules and device drivers.

As an example from the automotive sector, solutions by Alumnus have been integrated into connected automotive systems in real-time operating systems (RTOS), including embedded firewalls, V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) communication gateways, multi-controller ethernet, socket level system programming, custom file system and other aspects of network stacks.

Automated QA frameworks were created and deployed by Alumnus to test chipsets and related software in network devices for conformance to industry protocols. These include multicast acceleration, QoS (Quality of Service) shaping, tunnel acceleration and fault clustering. Device certification toolsets were created hosted and operated on behalf of various protocol organizations.

Case Studies