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Multi-core multi-OS communication channel

A global automotive chipset manufacturer had a certain product line utilising a multi-core structure. This was needed to support multiple operating systems in its multi-core chip — the OS-es being Linux and µITRON-based RTOS.

Alumnus provided a solution that could make each OS run independently despite having to share common hardware resources like interrupt and RAM. This was done to ensure that certain tasks inside one OS run in tandem with specific tasks running in the other OS. All the peripherals were distributed between the two operating systems in a way to eliminate the possibility of any conflicts. During initialization it had to be ensured the OS-es always booted up sequentially to avoid startup conflicts.

The code developed by Alumnus was used in a shared hardware memory device and interrupt channel and helped make the product functional.

Technology Stack:

Inter-OS Communication, µITRON, RTOS, Linux, C.

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