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QoS implementation for network device

The increasing use of the internet has made Quality of Service (QoS) a crucial consideration for home routing and gateway devices to achieve Superior network performance. 
Alumnus has undertaken QoS development for Linux-based home routing and gateway devices. This involves constructing software modules responsible for classifying internet traffic based on various Network Layer (Layer 2, 3, 4) packet information and implementing priority queuing to achieve reliable and low latency network performance. The solution supports both hardware and software-based classification and queuing. Additionally, it facilitates QoS configuration by combining Strict Priority and Weighted Round Robin scheduling to address complex customer scenarios. The system also handles the prioritization of network control packets such as LCP and ARP ensuring robust network connectivity.
Alumnus has successfully resolved network traffic loss issues for IMIX traffic by optimizing queue buffer pools and adjusting various queue configuration parameters for improved handling of real-time internet traffic.

Technology Stack:

OpenWRT, Linux, C, Classifier, iptables, ebtables, Queueing, tc, WSP, WRR, IMIX

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