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TCP traffic optimisation

A Japanese customer needed to customize their proprietary network stack for RTOS for TCP traffic optimization for faster communication over the network.
Alumnus modified the TCP layer of the network stack to support features like TCP Keep-Alive, TCP selective acknowledgement, etc. TCP-Keepalive Support was added to set TCP keepalive parameters like Keepalive time, Keepalive interval, Keepalive count per socket basis. Thus, the communication over the network was optimized by controlling the number of packet communication to check status of a connection.
Alumnus updated the network stack for the RTOS to process the SACK (TCP selective acknowledgement) option for relevant packets. The SACK option sent with invalid packets (incorrect sequence number/acknowledgement number) will not be processed thus reducing the impact of retransmissions during data communication.
These features were not previously supported and made the proprietary network more robust and faster post implementation.

Technology stack:

Network stack of RTOS, C

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