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Value engineering of ADSL Bridge Modem

A leading network device manufacturer needed to reduce the cost and footprint of their existing modem solution.

To achieve this objective, Alumnus value-engineered a Linux-based ADSL2 Bridge Modem into a MIPS-based Infineon platform running eCos and having a much lower footprint (512KB Flash and 2MB RAM). The toolchain for the board’s compiler was first prepared. The board bring-up and integration of eCos to the board was then carried out. Device drivers for various peripherals were either developed or ported from the Linux solution.  The existing network stack was replaced with an lwip stack for low memory usage.

The entire set of applications was also developed and integrated to run on the board. To run eCos in a much lower footprint, they had to be customised.

Technology Stack:

OpenWRT, eCos, C, gcc, Linux Kernel, Network Stack, TCP/IP, router, bridge, switch, QoS, Bash script, buildroot

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