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Integration of automation testing infrastructure into lab optimization and DevOps 

One of the top semiconductor companies needed to test various Networking software components for a thorough testing of functional conformance and performance cases. Manual testing being costly, time consuming and prone to human errors, their product release cycles were unacceptably high. 

Alumnus converted their Network Device QA Automation infrastructure into a private cloud and integrated it with DevOps. This implementation worked as a test tool for the CI/CD process of DevOps as well as an IaaS for the software developers/QA team globally.  

In order to transform it into a private IaaS, Alumnus first redefined every individual testbed using Virtual Machines and Single Board Computers, thereby reducing their physical space and improving maintainability. Furthermore, each setup could be ramped up and scaled up/ wound down rapidly, leading to the creation of the right setup just-in-time rather than maintain a one-size-fits-all test environment. ​ 

Subsequently, this automation infrastructure was made accessible to all the sites worldwide. To cater to all stakeholders including developers as well as QA team to function. Productivity was enhanced by distributing the testing load across available test Setups using a custom-designed tool. 24×7 use of test Infrastructure, with a close tracking of use, led to better visibility and control. It enabled teams to rapidly address any issues around test infrastructure. 

Technology Stack:

VM, TeamCity, Jenkins, bash, Java, PHP

Enable DevOps in networking software QA with custom-built automated QA frameworks

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