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Network protocol conformance test tools 

Network equipment manufacturers need to demonstrably ensure that their products adhere to Industry standard norms for Protocol Conformance. This is achieved by devising Conformance test suites to test protocol state machines, scheduling rules, interoperability, and robustness. ​

​Alumnus has worked with multiple industry leading network equipment testing solution providers and developed a suite of Network Protocol testing tools, across Layers 2 / 3 / 4. The tests covered multiple networking protocols including unicast & multicast Routing, IPv6, GPRS, 802.11x, Wi-Max, IGMP / MLD, RTP / RTCP, SMTP / POP, ATM-PNNI-1.0 for Signalling, IKE / IPSec / ESP for Security etc.

Devices that pass such Conformance tests by Equipment companies are then sent on to Standards Bodies for formal certification. ​

Technology Stack:

Java, Python, TCL, C#, IGMP, MLD, SIP, PPPoE, DHCP, xDSL, Telnet, SSH, FFmpeg, Iperf, IXC, Dialogic, DSLAM, Wireshark, CD Router, STC.

Certifying protocol adherence of networked devices

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