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Open-source software porting to RTOS

One of the leading industrial robot manufacturing/ factory automation company required some well-known Linux-based open-source Software to be ported over to an RTOS. These OSS would not work on RTOS as is, so some modifications were required.Alumnus ported multiple OSSs for the customer such as the wolfSSH library, NGINX, wpa_supplicant, libcurl, POCO C++ library. The […]

Value engineering of ADSL Bridge Modem

A leading network device manufacturer needed to reduce the cost and footprint of their existing modem solution. To achieve this objective, Alumnus value-engineered a Linux-based ADSL2 Bridge Modem into a MIPS-based Infineon platform running eCos and having a much lower footprint (512KB Flash and 2MB RAM). The toolchain for the board’s compiler was first prepared. […]

Open-source community support for SoC

To grow their markets, many leading network device manufacturers felt the need to integrate support for their SoC into open-source community solutions like OpenWRT, prplOS and RDK-B.   Alumnus was engaged by two such network device manufacturers to provide solutions across these open-source communities. A standard development methodology was followed. As a first step, the […]

Cost-down middle-box for SOHO

A global data traffic management leader needed to provide low-cost solutions for its middleboxes. These were to be deployed in remote small offices of its clients. Alumnus ported the client’s ELinOS-based proprietary operating system and BSP packages from their Intel-based middleboxes into OpenWRT-based, cheaper switch hardware. The designated hardware uses an ARM-based CPU and Atheros […]

OpenWRT based home router

OpenWRT based Home Router development​

A product design and manufacturing company wanted to build a complete router software based on the open source OpenWRT platform. This was due to a new product having increased market share in Japan and elsewhere. The router needed to accommodate all available features and have some additional/updated features usually not available in other open-source solutions. […]

BSPs for multicore systems ​

Creating BSPs for multicore systems ​

A large supplier of automotive and industrial robotics software needed (BSP) Board Support Packages for Asymmetric Multi-processing environments on real-time hardware platforms. Alumnus developed these on real-time hardware platforms and achieved synchronized communication channels between logically separated clusters. Sub-components provided cluster exclusion management, shared memory management and inter-cluster software interrupts. ​ Building on these BSP […]

Product/ Process Improvement Program (PIP)

A leading global manufacturer earlier used an Excel based tool to evaluate their resource utilization and product or process improvement plans. Manufacturing industry takes up improvement initiatives in every financial year to improve either production capacity or product quality or to address plant logistics. These are substantial investments across the manufacturing units globally and it is important to track each […]

Traffic shaping for application-specific data 

Businesses having geographically spread branch offices and data centres need to ensure proper Quality of service for Data Traffic between business-critical applications. Alumnus has been working a global Data Traffic Management leader to enhance their solutions and pivot to the cloud. ​ The objective is to ensure that Applications with different characteristics and criticality can offer proper user experience. For […]

Traffic shaping for encrypted traffic 

Accelerating TLS data traffic by optimising encrypted data

With the growth of encrypted data traffic, the efficiencies of traditional WAN optimization solutions have reduced. A client needed enhanced network traffic optimisation to increase the performance of their WAN Acceleration technology.  Alumnus designed, developed, tested and deployed a solution to solve the problem. A TLS Proxy was implemented and integrated with the existing solution […]