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OpenWRT based home router

A product design and manufacturing company wanted to build a complete router software based on the open source OpenWRT platform. This was due to a new product having increased market share in Japan and elsewhere. The router needed to accommodate all available features and have some additional/updated features usually not available in other open-source solutions.

Alumnus customized the build systems for customer hardware and implemented router functionalities with multiple critical components of the OpenWRT system. These included support for in-kernel IPv6 and PPPoE pass-through, router configuration management enhancements, network failure detection and recovery module and DOS attack prevention.

The solution provided cost effective development of the custom/advanced features while maintaining enterprise grade robustness.

Technology Stack:

OpenWRT SDK, Linux, MIPS and ARM processor, Programmable network processor, Ethernet/ WiFi/ PON/ DSL, C

OpenWRT based Home Router development​

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