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Wireless and Bluetooth driver development

A wireless chipset manufacturer needed the addition of new features and standards for their new chipsets. The work included ensuring compatibility with new kernels (while maintaining full backward compatibility), optimizing performance, fixing bugs and automating tests. 

Alumnus worked with 802.11 a/b/g/n/i/ac drivers, including features like WPS, WFD, Soft AP, WPA/WPA2 etc. and added support for bus Drivers like PCIE, UART, USB, SD/MMC etc.  

Maintenance of the official Linux Wi-Fi driver for multiple chipsets was carried out through creation of a codebase management system. It used a single codebase for a large number of target configurations. 

Technology Stack:

ITRON, C, bash, NXP i.MX6 platform, eBinder IDE

Wireless and bluetooth driver development

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