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Enabling V2X communication

A Japanese automotive manufacturer needed the ability to implement car-to-car communication for smart and connected cars through ad-hoc networks between nearby vehicles and roadside units for the purpose of sharing safety warnings and real time traffic information.

Alumnus added standard WIFI-based car-to-car communication stack to an RTOS. An SDIO-Ethernet adapter, along with the Ethernet and SDIO drivers, was developed to transfer data between the car subsystems and 802.11p module which incorporated the car-to-car communication stack.​

The solution tackled the major design challenge of handling the speed interoperability between in-car transfers (fast Ethernet) and car-to-car transfers (much slower 802.11p). Packet loss from Ethernet was minimized by implementing a flow control logic, optimized for speed and memory.

Technology Stack:

Rich and Modular IDE, Automotive RTOS, Highly-optimized TCP/IP protocol stack, SDIO-WIFI module (802.11p) driver, Ethernet module driver, C

Enabling V2X communication

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