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Data dashboards for the healthcare sector

Alumnus has created a number of purpose-built dashboards to help clients visualise and explore data gathered from multiple sources.

A client commissioned Alumnus to build a web-based digital health dashboard using NLP and data comparison engines to enable a comprehensive view of patient’s medical history. Healthcare data across the target group of patients was pulled from specified data lakes, classified by patient ID and auto-populated into custom-designed forms using NLP. A data comparison engine was used by researchers to gain insights about treatment types and side-effects.

Another dashboard was built for a Health Research Institute to automate cancer research data extraction and visualising the impact of factors like drug combinations and RNA sequences.

A cosmetics company benefitted from a customizable dashboard that visualised properties of chemical compounds to help researchers analyse their compositions.

For a firm focussed on Dementia solutions, Alumnus built a web-based dashboard that streamlined the process of manual entry of dementia research data, automated the extraction and population of data of multiple formats. This enabled a quicker understanding of data, anomalies and affecting elements in a methodical manner.

Data dashboards for the healthcare sector

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