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Network protocol performance test tools 

Modern network systems cannot function without proper protocols and even if they do, maintaining high performance across the board often becomes difficult. A number of industry leaders needed help with these very areas, especially in terms of testing in simulated scenarios. The large scale and chaotic nature of the network added further complexity to this challenge.

Alumnus conducted conformance tests to verify protocol state machines and interoperability of Networking Equipment. Before being industry-ready, performance tests were conducted to test and measure load, throughput and scalability. Custom network protocol testing suites were also developed for performance testing across Layers 2 / 3 / 4. Additional tools for data capture, verification, and visualization were also built as part of the solutions.

Alumnus’ testing suite has been used over the years to address various Protocol stacks over the years- Unicast & Multicast Routing, IPv6, GPRS, 802.11x, Wi-Max, IGMP / MLD, RTP / RTCP, SMTP / POP, ATM-PNNI-1.0 for Signalling, and IKE / IPSec / ESP for Security.

Technology Stack:

FFmpeg, Iperf, IXC, STC, Java, TCL, C#

Certifying Performance of networked devices​

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