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BSP development for RTOS​

Board Support Packages provide the necessary tools and software platform to the Automotive OEMs to design and develop the products. These BSP are always customized from the standard base package as per end-customer requirements and features.

Alumnus has been engaged with a premier Japanese RTOS and software solutions provider for more than 6 years and handles the BSP porting and development efforts for their many customers.

Over the years, Alumnus has delivered many such customization engagements with a variety of features, enabling the automotive manufacturers manage the software development efforts efficiently and cost effectively.

Some of the customizations performed by Alumnus are addition of peripheral drivers such as SD and Ethernet, bootloader customization, fine tuning of the timer range, building in scatter-gather DMA functionalities, adding support for Ethernet Jumbo frame and many more.

Technology Stack:

RTOS, Assembly, C, ARMV7 architecture

BSP development for automotive RTOS​

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