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Traffic flow simulation

A National Highways department simulated traffic patterns and signal synchronisation across Highways and in-city roads using discretised N-body simulation and FORTRAN-based modelling software systems. These were built over many years by different laboratories and universities.  
After remedying existing bugs in the Fortran code, Alumnus Integrated two separate parts, FreeSim and NetSim, into a single software system. To overcome the total absence of documentation, the existing Fortran code was reverse engineered to deduce the underlying programme logic.  
Over 250K lines of code were then re-engineered using C++. Event-driven simulation was added into it to reduce software processing duration. 

Technology Stack:

FORTRAN (Legacy coded), C++, Multibody (n-Body) simulation, Dead Reckoning, event-driven simulation, mapping of real-estate Blocks

Traffic flow simulation using C++

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