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Rule engines for continuous process industry

A leading global manufacturer uses an age old desktop version of Rule Engine in each plant for Product Configuration. This leads to Recipe creation and management that is inflexible, inconvenient and inaccessible from central or other location. The Rule Engine works like a black box without any visibility into any specific ruleset that have failed to produce a result. This is a significant bottleneck that prevents managing the manufacturing process using centrally controlled process rules, resulting in a huge number of duplicate rules, violation of central guidelines and lack of visibility into rule repository and optimal parameter settings of equipment and materials in process. 

Alumnus has designed and developed a next generation single instance Rule Engine that enables digitalizing each step of the manufacturing processes that exists globally for the company. The application is accessible and maintainable from any locations across the globe with proper authentication and access control.

The new Rule engine interacts with all central and local systems as necessary to access and exchange information and results. Master data and parameter sets are updated automatically when there is a change in central or local manufacturing practices. Alumnus’ Rule Engine is completely transparent, providing different levels of rule manageability with inbuilt approval systems and visibility to user category based on their access rights. The system can generate different user profiles, plant profiles, and rule execution specific statistical reports.

Accommodating and executing manufacturing and quality related process rules for any other domains can also be done using the same Rule Engine. The insights and learning from the activities can be used to optimise rulesets by discarding unused rules and build an intelligent layer on top of it to predict and fine tune rules based on quality and performance feedback.

Technology Stack:

.NET,  Blazor, ArangoDB, Rest API 

Rule engines for continuous process industry

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