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Sportsperson performance improvement

A leading manufacturer of electronic devices faced issues when it came to creating an application infrastructure for professional golfers that can help them improve.

Using the client’s proprietary Evaluation Module based on custom firmware, Alumnus designed a solution that can collect swing data directly from the Golf Club to allow further analyses. The user can specify a unique Profile to select the attributes to be monitored – Distance, Control, Stability and Straightness.

Alumnus used a Bluetooth-enabled sensor attached to the golf club to collect and collate the attribute data wirelessly to an iPad. After a series of analyses (such as abnormality detection, magnification, data mixing, amplifier correction using FFT, magnitude-phase separation, impact detection, initial action detection, time calibration), this data is visualised on an iPad to give insight of the sportsperson’s performance.

The solution has a convenient setup process and allows collated data to be accessed and exported in a variety of formats for further analyses.

Technology Stack:

Arduino UNO, 4 channel DAC (using Arduino IDE and C), Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840, Segger Embedded Studio, FFT, BLE, Swift, iOS

Sportsperson performance improvement

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