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Reducing service time using IoT-based solution

Digital video broadcasters using the terrestrial mode typically have equipment in distributed & distant locations which necessitate in-person maintenance visits by technicians. A solution was needed to reduce the time and effort for this maintenance process

Alumnus developed a solution that enabled the technician to identify all problematic equipment, along with identifying the root-causes, within a few seconds of the individual having reached the site. The data was extracted wirelessly from the technician’s lab using a hardware dongle attached to the equipment. A tablet application was used to retrieve and analyse the data from all equipment in one go, instead of manually checking each equipment.

In addition to allowing a central monitoring of all site equipment, it also gives the users wireless control over all equipment with no need for laptops and Ethernet wires. The costs and complexity of equipment maintenance were reduced, while also improving the technician efficiency. The application was built on Java, using SNMP protocol to get/set data from equipment. The dongle expressed hardware design as a gerber file, using bare metal software written in C using Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio IDE.

Technology Stack:

Java, SNMP, HW Design expressed as a gerber file, Custom bare metal software written in C, Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio IDE

Reducing equipment maintenance costs with  wireless

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