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Application for blood glucose monitoring wearable

Non-invasive blood glucose measurement at an affordable cost is something the market needs for decades and companies are attempting to build. Solutions are available today but not inexpensive.  We are partnered with our client to build a wearable solution. 

The mobile app collects data from the wearable over Bluetooth, performs necessary data transformations and sends it to the cloud application at regular intervals. The cloud application then visualises the relevant health parameter data on a dashboard for users. Alumnus’ solution used the customer’s proprietary algorithm to conduct the data analysis.

This solution enables the user to monitor their blood glucose levels and other health metrics on-demand. Alerts can also be sent to designated healthcare professionals.

Technology Stack:

Java, Node.js, React, AWS, Python, React Native, Firebase, ElasticSearch, Aurora DB

Enhanced U X and analytics for a lifesciences IoT app

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