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Application for dementia patientcare 

A medical firm sought a complementary treatment for dementia patients to help the effectiveness of existing procedure. 

Alumnus delivered a platform with a content management System (CMS) that uses a Windows tablet to show personalised images and videos created based on patient experience and preferences. The CMS shows these to methodically stimulate patients’ memories, uplifting their mood and making them react to things with time.

The CMS is comprehensive, with multiple sets of content per person, comprised of audio, pictures, short videos etc. Based on patient’s response trends and desired response, sets are retained or alternated between sessions. Administrative layer connects the administrators and caregivers for easier supervision and access to patient data. An AI module is planned to be implemented with remote non-governance to analyse patient emotions and gestures after each session.  
Alumnus’ non-pharmacological solution has proven to be significantly receptive for patients in terms of recalling and retaining memories, while easing the process for the caregivers and administrators.  

Technology Stack:

AWS Lambda, AWS SQS, Chime, AWS FarGate, Mediapipe, Python, OpenCV, Chime / Twillo

AI-based Dementia patient-care

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