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Life at Alumnus

Hi there! 

Welcome to Alumnus, a leading global software engineering company! Here, we’re building something meaningful that will last, driven by a culture of collaborative, inclusive growth. We sincerely hope you are enjoying your time at Alumnus and wish to see many others become a part of our journey.   

Approachable and Familiar

At Alumnus, we work together as a group, almost a family. All our engineers, however senior or expert she or he may be, are approachable. The environment is informal, where chats over coffee solves some of the most complex technical challenges

Our culture of continuous improvement encourages employees to take ownership of their work and contribute to the collective success.

We also encourage employees to expand their skills, knowledge and expertise, enabling them to excel in their current roles and prepare for future career advancements. 



We have a collaborative mindset embracing innovation as a driving force behind our success. These help you to learn new technologies as they evolve.

You can also expect to be involved in delivering a complete solution to the customer, and fully own it as your career progresses. Our dynamic approach to projects means you’ll be able to mentor your juniors and seniors (and learn from them too), brainstorm with our sharpest minds and experience diverse cultures from all around the globe.

We’ve created a culture that rewards bright, driven, and fun-loving people and we believe you’ll absolutely love it.  


Many project teams at Alumnus are full-stack project teams, with engineers, designers and domain experts working closely together. Teams from 2 to 20 ensure maximum engagement.

From day one, we have loved to explore smart technology and harness it to address client challenges; and to make a positive impact in the world 

We look forward to the NexGen joining us at Alumnus to build on the foundation of the past two decades and taking us to even greater heights of innovation and impact.


We believe in building a positive 360-degree experience for all the people at Alumnus, .  

An important part of that is the frequent events organised both internally and externally– whether it is celebrating personal milestones, team building activities and academic engagements.

From sports events to monthly birthday bashes and our yearly celebrations, there is always something exciting happening to bring our employees closer, strengthen bonds, and nurture a sense of togetherness.

We take our work seriously. But ourselves? Not so much. 

Work and Life 

We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. We’re passionate about our work while also holding the same perspective on personal well-being and mental health.

Alumnus currently offers a hybrid working model, with a fully remote option also available where warranted.

Employees are also encouraged to pursue their passions beyond regular work, academic or non-academic, to foster the full growth of the person.