Solutions for Business

We focus on those problems which require application of core technology to address complex business issues. We largely focus on analytics, big data, mobility, and cloud based solutions.

Alumnus has positioned itself as a technology centric software development organization. We have worked at improving search capabilities, creating structured output from unstructured text data, build marketplaces on the web, optimize transfer of legacy data to new age Hadoop based architecture, build massive sized document access mechanisms to name a few of our activities.

When these capabilities are supplemented by deep knowledge of machine learning, analytics, Big Data, Cloud architecture besides our traditional skills around networks, wireless, video we offer the capability to build solutions which encompass multiple technologies. Precisely, the solutions needed by businesses today.

Alumnus believes that with the pervasive use of mobile devices, advent of Analytics and the emergence of IoT, Alumnus, with its accrued experience, is perfectly positioned to build solutions which help making businesses better connected and more efficient. We are working on more than one problem of predictive analysis.

We offer services in:

Web Applications


Mobile Applications


Text and Data Analytics


Big Data


Connectivity for Business / IoT


Workflow automation


Document Management Systems

Experiences and Solutions

Analytics and Machine Learning

Document Management and Intelligent search,
Rss feed based document curation,
Healthcare data/document organization,
Manufacturing shop floor analytics and learning based solutions


Web services, Cloud based services, Mobile apps and location based services

Web based marketplace,
Cloud based device management,
Massive sized and widely available document management,
Integration of location, position and social data.

Carrier grade Telecom App

Pre-paid Charging Systems,
USSD Gateways,
Roaming Solutions,
Security solutions like SMS Spam filters.