Working on IoT Security?

Expanding IoT networks have magnified the importance of Security to Industry. Unauthorised access, privacy infringements and compromised data integrity are significant dangers to corporate performance and reputations. Security needs to now be designed into each layer of solutions. The physical layer, communications network and applications that work with the transferred data must all be secure-by-design and secured together. ​

How can IoT network data integrity be improved in an Industry 4.0 context? How do you balance power, speed and price to maximise Security? Is your solution compatible with the latest Industry protocols for Conformance and Performance ? How do we transcend the jargon in brochures and evaluate security of products / services ? ​

Over two decades, Alumnus has helped in securing all layers, from Applications down to the Physical layer. For clients’ products, we have helped tighten security measures while maintaining ease-of-use. In a router’s VPN functionality, we have developed encryption-software to work in tandem with Hardware-based crypto-engines. Security was enhanced for sandboxing multi-tenant environments targeted to IoT devices. NFC tag hardware was designed and NFC reader firmware developed for high-security tamper-proof NFC tags. ​