Want exceptional RTOS expertise?

Internet of Things needs Things. We have spent more than 400 man-years in writing embedded software which make Things work.​

Operating close to the hardware, across multiple architectures, often in memory constrained environments, managing power requirements and continuously trying to extract the maximum performance, is a difficult skill to find today. Industry 4.0 demands Things (call them machines, or embedded systems) to communicate more extensively with the outside world. Classical RTOS based embedded systems are evolving (of late we have engaged in more than one assignment demanding multi-core multi-OS architectures). Security was always important, and now more important.​

Alumnus’ two decades-long expertise on implementing firmware, BSPs, middleware, device drivers, kernel components enable all the above. All that we have built have found their way to shelves. Through a very large number of assignments, we have worked on equipment addressing multiple domains : automotive, telecom, home connectivity, robotics, retail, warehouse management, heavy machinery.​