Tracking Industrial Assets?

​Enhanced connectivity offers industry new and innovative ways to enhance top and bottom lines. Efficient asset utilisation has always driven productivity increases. But Industry 4.0 propositions using enhanced connectivity now also allows assets to be tracked and monitored. This gives increased visibility to usage, condition and location of assets. ​

How can data from internet-ready and standalone equipment be combined with enterprise systems and mobile asset data to get actionable value? How can legacy shop floor equipment be brought under the same umbrella as modern connected machines ? How can we derive intelligence from inventory movement data to improve margins ? How can existing equipment be adapted than replaced to allow Industry 4.0 usecases? ​

Alumnus has been addressing multiple such challenges from even before the Industry 4.0 wave. Order book data and inventory locations / quantities was used to optimize the loading algorithm for an eCommerce Fulfillment Centre. Remotely tracking battery bank charge status improved preventive maintenance for a city Utility. Identifying improper usage of expensive handheld assets reduced repair costs and improved their availability. Tracking equipment location and status allowed a rapid response in reducing downtime. ​