Require Test Automation?

Technology products are becoming obsolete rapidly. The pace of creation of new services and business models is accelerating. Agile methodologies demand that testing be done often and repetitively. Test-from-anywhere and DevOps need to be supported. All these increase the need for automated testing. The low-hanging fruit is reduced manual effort, human error and cost. The enduring benefit, however, is a sustainable quality verification system with a consistent output. ​

How can subjective judgements of human testers be converted into objective machine-verifiable test criteria? How robust can the Test infrastructure be made? How can you take uncertainty out of your test infrastructure, processes and people such that your whole test bed now represents your best tester? ​

Test automation demands experience to design something that works well across test cases and infrastructure. Alumnus has extensively tested Network Protocols since the early 2000s – for Conformance, Performance and Security Vulnerabilities. The compliance of Technology products with Industry Alliances like DLNA have been tested. Implementing Automated test frameworks have enhanced the release quality and frequency of software applications and network products. Testing in most applications projects has been automated.​