Over two decades, Alumnus has developed core strengths in Networking Protocols and Test automation. We have helped accelerate, compress and secure traffic with distributed intelligence in the form of virtualized and software defined network functions. We continue to strengthen our expertise in building fully Automated Test Infrastructure and frameworks.This has expanded to cover WAN accelerator appliances, be it physical, virtual, or software defined. This include traffic shaping and ensuring Quality of Service to business-critical traffic. We make it easier to manage hybrid networks using technology like Dynamic Path Selection.

​Our security expertise include firewalls, encryption and Network Security Threat Detection. We have worked extensively with various SSL / TLS stacks, versions and ciphers. We have also worked with hardware crypto engines.Testing equipment for Network Protocols has been a key capability since our inception. Our expertise in automating tests have helped multiple network equipment manufacturers significantly compress product release cycles.

Traffic Visibility & Optimization
  • Ensuring QoS for business-critical traffic
  • Ability to work with Hardware Acceleration.
  • Deep Packet Inspection
Network Security
  • Firewalls
  • Threat Detection
  • TLS / SSL stacks & ciphers
  • Management of hardware crypto engines.
Hybrid Networks & SD-WAN
  • Dynamic Path Selection
  • SDN & SD-WAN
  • Network Function Virtualization
Protocol Testing & Certification
  • Router Conformance & Performance Tests
  • Functional Test Automation & Scenario Simulation
  • Standards Certification Test Suites
Device Test Automation
  • Automation framework
  • Test Bed Standardization
Legacy Expertise
  • Network Stacks (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • Network Protocols (Switching and Routing)
  • Web & Multimedia Content Distribution
  • Network Management Systems