Need Backend, UX, UI, Visualization?

Applications are the glue that hold diverse Business logic and the user together. The complexity of building this application diminishes significantly with a capability to build end-to-end solutions – customisable business logic and intuitive UI built into secure applications. Users consume applications in multiple formats – web, mobile desktop – we need to cater to them all. Running these on rapidly-scalable infrastructure is critical – an application ‘user’ can now also be one of millions of IOT devices. ​

How can applications handle structured and unstructured high-velocity data? Where should tried-and-tested technology be used vis-a-vis innovations? How can we tighten security and yet enhance the user-experience ? Intuitive interface vs application performance ? How can applications be device-agnostic ? Where can existing products be adapted and enhanced vis-a-vis applications be built afresh ? ​

Over two decades, Alumnus has built applications for diverse contexts. Multi-media streaming and personal content sharing applications were built on push-button flip-phones. Location-awareness was built into applications before it became commonplace. Software was written to improve Data traffic performance at the edge, and in the cloud. Device data is accessed from Storage Batteries and Telecom equipment to be presented in intuitive user-portals. Driving data dashboards have been built for autonomous vehicle contexts. Workflows and portals have been built to address non-standard business processes. ​