Issues with Data extraction / transfer?

Applications need to meet data transfer rate and cost objectives. Often, use cases will demand a balance between Edge Computing and Cloud. Achieving application security within acceptable costs is a challenge. Is data easily available or does it need an adapter to extract? Is the data usable or does it need organization / cleaning up?​

We have been working on maximizing network experience from the time when bandwidth was neither abundant nor cheap. We have experience of the early days of streaming media when networks were not yet capable of delivering. Today, the problem is increasingly bandwidth-hungry applications offered on SLA based availability. We have extensively worked on routers and Network Management Systems as demands on these equipment have gone up in scale and complexity. Increasingly our work involves making many of these services available from the Cloud.​

We created an end-to-end solution for preventive maintenance for the (then) largest battery bank in the world. We also designed and created the connectivity dongle providing wireless access to legacy broadcast equipment. Our experience is wide, but we mention only these two as they predate the buzzwords “IoT” and “preventive maintenance”.​