Internet of Things

IoT has seen the coming together of our core skills in Embedded software, Networking and Applications. We extract data from multi-generational equipment, process it at the edge and in the cloud, extract insight with Rule engines or Machine Learning, communicate results using intuitive Dashboards and feed control actions back to the equipment. ​

Industrial IoT (Industry 4.x) challenges include monitoring equipment health and detecting events with immediate alerts. Both equipment and processes can be made Smarter. Retrofitting into legacy equipment improves the return on shopfloor investments. Consolidating data across locations gives added benefits.

Alumnus’s expertise here predates the coining of the term IoT.

Alumnus works with manufacturing companies, equipment makers and IoT technology companies across the world. We enhance existing devices with AI / ML solutions for sensor accuracy and abuse detection. Deploy IoT to improve the backup power supply reliability to an entire city. Contribute to life sciences device software and cloud data processing.

Using IoT, we add intelligence into manufacturing and equipment aftermarket processes – reduce maintenance costs and prolong lifespan of equipment, assess rotating equipment performance to anticipate failures and quality-check in-process and finished goods. This expertise makes equipment and processes smarter and more valuable to clients.

We work for technology firms to build next generation IoT platforms. We extract and process IoT data and push insights to stakeholders. Our experience in assessing and closing security gaps is now very relevant to IoT security.

Data Acquisition
  • Direct capture from industrial equipment
  • Sensors, hardware interfaces and buses
  • Cameras and microphones
  • Using specialized software
Data processing and storage
  • Media (hard-disks and SD cards)
  • Cloud storage
  • With intermediate data transformations
Data Analysis
  • Rule Engines
  • Correlation matrices, PCA & LDA for Dimensionality Reduction
  • Model building (Random Forest / XGBoost / Time series)
  • Neural Networks
Specialized Analysis
  • Audio Processing and analyses
  • Computational Geometry
  • Image Processing
  • Computer Vision (OpenCV, ARKit, ARCore with Deep networks, Unity)
Data Visualisation
  • Building bespoke dashboards
  • Integration with BI tools
  • Charts, graphs and innovative visualisations
  • What-if analyses
Process Management and Testing
  • Feedback loop actions for process control
  • Security assessment and Protocol testing