Building a workflow?

Why would you need a new workflow engine? Because the fundamental nature of work is changing – driven by Industry 4.0, a connected world, COVID-19, AI. The constant need to orchestrate between existing applications make for specialized workflows or customization of the existing ones. Our experience of automating workflows to meet different objectives with success, is significant. ​

We make it simpler to integrate data and applications across on-premise and (multi)cloud environments. While many well-known engines provide core functionality, business needs constantly evolve. Do you need to orchestrate multiple ‘modules’ into a dynamic (condition-based) pipeline? Do the modules typically run on different hardware and OSs and have independent data formats? Need to handle high frequency or streaming data? A customizable Cross-Application Workflow Platform should allow all of these and more. ​

The sort of workflow engines we have worked on include biotechnology research systems, back office for pharmaceutical research, digitization of a national scale library and optimizing the loading operations of e-commerce delivery hubs.​