Beyond building applications over the past two decades, Alumnus has been building out  innovative ideas, deploying or testing new protocols or standards, adding  voice-AI to existing solutions and many more.  

Over two decades, we have spanned the design-build-deploy stages for secure applications, both mobile-first or the traditional desktop. We have leveraged low-code tools and libraries to optimise development cycles.

Many bespoke solutions were built to automate tasks and minimise expert-involvement – customized workflows with Rule Engines and Text Analytics built in.

​Alumnus has crafted hybrid integration platforms to orchestrate multiple ‘modules’ into dynamic pipelines. It has also provided tookits to build such modules, and built a marketplace to host them.

Intuitive dashboards have been built, incorporating off-the-shelf or custom-built Analytics. Cloud technologies have been harnessed to deliver horizontally scalable, microservices – architected apps. Complex, distributed solutions with multi-way communication were architected.

Legacy technologies have also been important building blocks for solutions – .Net Framework and Java-based. 

​We have addressed data in different forms – structured data, unstructured data, streaming data and time series data. Extracting, transforming and analysing data has resulted in  actionable business intelligence.

We also tend to maintain what we build. Maintaining service levels from existing IT investments and enhancing their functionality has been a skill acquired over the years.

Cloud Apps
  • Horizontally scalable and failsafe Web Apps
  • Microservices architecture
  • Serverless Web Apps
  • Hybrid Apps
Enterprise Apps
  • Microsoft technologies (.Net)
  • Java technologies
  • Maintenance, Support and Enhancements
Distributed Business Apps
  • Monitoring, Notification & Alerts
  • Pub-Sub Communication
  • Message brokers and middleware
  • Distributed Log Analysis
User facing Apps
  • Responsive Web Apps
  • Android and iOS Apps
  • Desktop Apps
Data Stores
  • Relational and Non-relational databases
  • Hadoop-based Big databases
  • Time series & In-memory databases
  • Cloud managed data services
  • App Store
  • Developer Portal