Virtualising and standardising Test Infrastructure

A leading manufacturer of network equipment had test labs at dozens of locations worldwide. Every development team had their own test setups, with expensive equipment, leading to a high capex. With neither the Test Setups nor the tests being standardized across teams, the tests lacked consistency and increased the rejects from the Regression Teams.

Alumnus designed, implemented and deployed a new Test Infrastructure – it was virtualised on their own Private cloud and  standardized to cater to all stakeholders of the Quality Assurance function. The key to this was the expertise to define the Basic Test Setup and its variations that suit different testing needs, plus the ways to scale within budgets.

We virtualised the setup by using VMs and NUC Boxes, thus reducing physical space and improving maintainability. Each setup could be ramped up and scaled or winded down rapidly, leading to the creation of the right setup just-in-time rather than maintain a one-size-fits-all test environment.

Productivity was further enhanced by distributing the testing load across available Test Setups using a custom-designed tool. 24×7 use of test Infrastructure, with a close tracking of use,  led to better visibility and control. It enabled teams to rapidly address any issues around test infrastructure.

How Alumnus Virtualised and standardised Network Equipment Test Infrastructure