Transforming complex applications to work in the cloud

Alumnus has enhanced a complex Networking Appliance solution over five years, including engineering for the Central server solution and Traffic Shaping solutions running on partially-dedicated edge devices at each location being managed.​

​Subsequently, it was also re-designed and re-engineered to work on the cloud:

  • Enabling the Edge device software to run as a Virtual Appliance, capable of being remotely installed and run on any Edge device. ​
  • Re-engineering the Central server components to operate with the distributed Appliances that are installed on Edge devices​
  • Enabling collaboration with the Partner ecosystem for an NFV / SDN environment, where the Central Server software could work with Partners’ Traffic shaping solutions on edge devices. ​

The Transformation now addresses the re-design and engineering to operate as an SD-WAN solution. ​

Complex Applications running in Cloud