Security Vulnerability Assessments

Alumnus has been associated with various software aspects of Home and Industrial Routers for two decades. Having written Conformance, Performance and Functional / Scenario Tests for many of the Routing protocols, it is aware of potential security vulnerabilities and ​how breaches are attempted.

​In an extensive association with a leader in high-performance broadband and networking semiconductor solutions, we have carried out Vulnerability Tests of Router and Enterprise firewalls. They attacks tested include Port Scanning, various Denial of Service attacks (DDoS, DRDoS), Flooding attacks (Smurf, DNS flood, SYN / ACK flood, UDP flood, HTTP flood), Spoofing attacks (DNS Cache poisoning, MAC spoofing), Phishing attacks and Web Server Discovery attacks.

Alumnus has also contributed to the Security Automation of Routers, by building an Automation Test Framework and automating the attack detection threats.​

Security Vulnerability Tests