SD-WAN Solutions

SD-WAN solutions provide a replacement for traditional WAN routers and are agnostic to WAN transport technologies. They provide dynamic, policy-based, application path selection across multiple WAN connections and supports service chaining for additional services such as WAN optimization and firewalls. 

At their very core, SDN and SD-WAN solutions are based on the principle of separating the control plane from the data plane to make networking more intelligent. SD-WAN is also the basis of the new NFV (Network Function Virtualization) or Network Slicing feature of the 5G world.

In traditional WAN Optimization, traffic control is carried out by co-operating edge devices. However in a large deployment, manually configuring tens and hundreds of such equipment in diverse geo-locations is a challenge. In SDN / SD-WAN, the edge devices carry out these operations, but the decision on how this is to be done is taken in a central location.


Various standard and proprietary protocols have been devised over the years to support SDN and SD-WAN. Alumnus has been involved in the design and implementation of such protocols, in addition to features that can be built over them like WAN Optimization and Resilience. In addition, Alumnus also builds Cloud-based Administrative portals, complete with Monitoring, Dashboarding and Reporting features.