Automation Framework for Device Testing

Alumnus automated the testing of home routers for one of the top manufacturers of semiconductor chips and hardware platforms. Manual testing is costly, time consuming and prone to human errors. Hence the release cycles were too high to meet customer expectations. Our automation brought down the cycle times significantly.

Thousands of test scenarios are required to test router software components. These cover functional, conformance and performance cases. Our approach was to first cluster the scenarios and faults and determine the commonalities and specificities between them. We then worked on designing a framework that provided all the common functionalities. Specificities were handled using configurable parameters. 

Ultimately, we built a Testing SDK for the client, complemented with an Automation Test Portal, where tests could be defined using reusable components, and configurable parameters could be specified.

The reporting system was built carefully to log complete test details and results of each step and module in one place. This made it easier to pinpoint and agree the root cause of a defect after it was detected.  This also made debugging and bug-fixing faster and more accurate. 

Using the Alumnus Test Framework, thousands of test cases were automated, resulting in round the clock testing with real time monitoring. Development of new tests was achieved using configurable parameters without additional programming resource thereby reducing time and effort to build tests. This reduced the cost and time to market of the products. These stringent and consistent quality checks significantly reduced product release times and customer-reported issues. 

How Alumnus Automated Network Equipment Testing