Network Protocol Performance Testing Toolsets​

Conformance tests verify protocol state machines and interoperability of Networking Equipment. Before being industry-ready, however, they must also be tested for Performance – load, throughput and scalability.  ​​These are achieved by behaviour simulation in large and chaotic networks (where many network protocols converge) and capturing system metrics.

Working with industry leaders in network equipment, Alumnus has developed Network Protocol testing tools for Performance testing, across Layers 2 / 3 / 4. Additional tools for data capture, verification, and visualization were also built as part of the solutions.

Various Protocol stacks have been addressed over the years (Unicast & Multicast Routing, IPv6, GPRS, 802.11x, Wi-Max, IGMP / MLD, RTP / RTCP, SMTP / POP, ATM-PNNI-1.0 for Signalling, IKE / IPSec / ESP for Security.   

Alumnus Network Protocol Performance Testing Toolsets​