Automated Functional and Scenario Testing

To ensure Industry-readiness of Networking Equipment, they need to be tested for several use case scenarios and functionality, in addition to Conformance and Performance aspects. 

Leveraging experience in Data Networks and Embedded Solutions, Alumnus has developed Test Tools and delivered functional testing across several areas shown below:

Home Networking​:

  • Wi-Fi Access Point, Print  Server, Media Server and Players
  • Media Sharing and compliance evaluation

Content Delivery​:

  • Live streaming / content delivery
  • IPTV and VoIP

Data Networks Components

  • Unicast and Multicast  Routing
  • MPLS Protocols
  • QoS
  • WAN Optimization solutions
  • Web Caches


  • Cross Device/Platform compatibility of Apps
  • Wi-Fi Functionality
  • Telecom Component (e.g. MMS/USSD Gateway) functionality
Network Equipment Functional Testing

Over two decades, several Test Scenario Simulation tools and automated test suites have been deployed, both open-source and custom-built, to test diverse user functions of products and product components.