Multimedia Streaming and Video Calling Apps

Multimedia Streaming Video Calling Apps

Applications and multimedia players based on Video-streaming became common as soon as more bandwidth came to be available, courtesy 3G and 4G. Alumnus played a significant role in this revolution, building software for video calling and entertainment.

We contributed to and used several Open Source streaming and encoding / decoding software and multimedia players including, MPlayerffmpeg and GStreamer.​ We also built multi-party video calling software.

Some other interesting contributions included adding 3GPP extensions, selectively requesting retransmission of video frames during a jittery session and automatically adjusting the video quality as per the network bandwidth.

If you are fond of Finding Nemo and Incredibles, you would love to know that we were successfully streaming HD-resolution versions of these movies with such enhancements.

We were among the earliest to build native and J2ME based multimedia players for mobile phones before such applications became popular.

Alumnus was also involved in productizing multiple video calling solutions. We worked in multiple layers such as signaling (VoIP, SIP), transport (RTP, RTSP, HTTP Streaming), media (MPEG-4, H.26x) and entire applications.