Multi-controller Ethernet Driver​

Multi Controller Ethernet Driver

Development platforms are an integral part of new hardware development process. As development platforms are upgraded with newer components and chipsets, the software ecosystem must be constantly aligned. This requires development cycles that are not only costly, but also add delays between the availability and usability of an upgraded development platform. 

For an industry leading supplier of BSP and embedded Real Time OS, Alumnus streamlined such use cases by building a multi-controller Ethernet driver that supported multiple chipsets with dynamic selection. 

This almost fully eliminated development efforts of upgrading/changing the Ethernet controller of a development platform, based upon end-user requirements.

The driver could detect the underlying hardware chipset & self-configure automatically. A custom configuration management system was at the core of the logic, that enabled these configurations of driver parameters at boot time, instead of build time. As a result, variations in the reference design by end-users could be supported without any software development effort.