Monitoring Isolated Sites for a Broadcaster​

Digital Video Broadcasters using the terrestrial mode typically have equipment in distributed & distant locations which necessitate in-person maintenance visits by technicians. A solution was needed to reduce the time and effort for this maintenance process.

Equipment at isolated sites is difficult to monitor. Our IoT solutions help

Alumnus designed and developed a solution that used an Android tablet, a hardware dongle and an application that managed the data and devices. The dongle was plugged into the Ethernet port or IP switch of the device to be maintained and uploaded device data into the Android tablet. This allowed all the equipment at a site to be monitored centrally in a wire-free mode using the developed application.

In addition to allowing a central monitoring of all site equipment, it also gives the users wireless control over all equipment with no need for laptops and Ethernet wires. 

The costs and complexity of equipment maintenance were reduced, while also improving the technician efficiency