Monitoring Health of Retail Equipment

A leading convenience Retailer needed to minimise downtime of PoS devices and peripherals in city centre locations to enhance repeat customer purchases and improve their store RoI. To achieve this, an immediate detection of POS device failure was required followed by remedial actions by maintenance staff, all of which had to be tracked centrally by Retail Operations staff. 

A Telemetry-based solution was designed by Alumnus to continually monitor POS devices and instantaneously detect failures. Failure data was transferred reliably and securely into a central remote Monitoring application on the Azure cloud. Alerts were auto-generated by a custom-designed Rules engine based on type of device and fault. Remedial actions were initiated and attached to each failure. 

Retail Equipment Health Monitoring

The aggregated data around failures, alerts and remedial actions were continuously available in  intuitive dashboards for review by key client stakeholders. Drill-down features and device visibility reports were made available at custom-defined granularity (per site, per device type, per device etc.).

In addition to immediate and enhanced POS failure tracking, this also creates a device performance database to better understand device performance and maintenance requirements.