Indoor Location Detection

Indoor Location Detection WiFi BLE

A leading Mobile Device company needed to harness accurate location detection to enable a vast range of new business cases, such as indoor navigation, inventory tracking, usage efficiency improvement, loss / theft detection, location-based services etc. However, since tracking such high value / critical devices in large indoor premises (warehouses, construction zones, factories) is not reliably possible with regular GPS tracking, alternate connectivity options were required. Finding one’s way around arcades, exhibitions, large stores and airports also benefit from such a solution.

Where Wi-Fi coverage was available, a Wi-Fi based solution was developed using a wireless signal strength site map. Where Wi-Fi coverage is not available, BLE beacons were used to make proximity measurements and infer equipment locations.

A cloud-based machine learning algorithm was further applied on this data to determine indoor location of devices.

In addition to providing accurate location detection (95-97%), these alternate solutions were also low on capex, which made them easier to deploy.